The Guyana Lands and Surveys Commission (GL&SC) was established on June 1, 2001, through the implementation of its Act, Act No. 15 of 1999. The establishment of the Commission replaced the former Lands and Surveys Department of the Ministry of Agriculture. This new Act allows for greater responsiveness of the institution through improved service and greater accountability.

To effectively fulfill the mandate of this new organization, substantive changes were necessary to transform it from a public service entity to a more business oriented organization. The establishment of the Commission as semi-autonomous agency offers greater flexibility which will enable divisions of land tenure regularisation, formation of new organization structure, the introduction of new technology, and the recruitment of additional staff to be trained under a new leadership and management structure.

Initially, the concept of transforming the Lands and Surveys Department to a Commission commence in 1997. Various consultancy work was done through the Public Land Administration and Regularization of Tenure (PLART) project for the Office of Policy Co-ordination, GOG/IDB Agricultural Sector Division Loan No. 965/SF-GY, Loan No.966/SF-GY and ATN/SF-5098 GY, Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and Surveys Department. In 1998, the Department for International Development (DFID), United Kingdom funded the Guyana Land Administration Support Project (GLASP) by the way of grant in the sum of three million, five hundred and eighty six thousands, three hundred and sixty British Pounds (£ 3,586,360). The project lasted for six years, from 1998 to 2004.